Cold Iron dropping this week.

Cold Iron from Catch & Release is a virtual reality puzzle shooter starring a demonic pistol, a mysterious gunsmith, and you. After outlaws ride into town and gun down your father, you take your father’s revolver and set off in search of answers. A parade of deadly duelists stands in your way. Every enemy is unique, from a riverboat gambler to a rolling fortress from the distant future. You must see through their deception, react with lightning quickness, and aim with care to overcome the challenges that stand between you and the truth behind your father’s murder and the magical gun on your hip.

– The world’s first virtual reality puzzle shooter. Speed, accuracy, and cunning combine for a heart-pounding adventure.
– A story with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Film-quality voice acting narrates every step of your journey.
– Every duel is unique–and so is every duelist’s theme. Cold Iron’s original soundtrack soars from cowboy ballads to pounding electronic anthems.
– When you reach the end of your journey, a new journey begins. Uncover secrets and complete challenges to unlock a very special duel.
– A new genre for a new medium. Zero percent wave shooter, Cold Iron is packed with thoughtful gameplay designed by players who love VR.

Check out the trailer and screenshots below.

Cold Iron moseys into town this week.

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