Korix – Review

Real-time strategy games have often passed me by unnoticed. Sure, I swore my allegiance to the Brotherhood of Nod when I dabbled in a bit of Command & Conquer back in the mid 90’s, but apart from that it’s a genre that I’ve not really spent any time with. So would UK based developers Stellar VR be able to convert me with their PlayStation VR retro styled RTS game Korix?

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Korix has you assuming the role of a commander with nothing to lose because your home world has just been destroyed. It doesn’t really explain why it was destroyed or by who but that not important all you need to know it that you’re ready for a fight and it’s about to go down.

Now for those who aren’t au-fait with RTS games the core mechanics revolve around repeatedly harvesting resources. This is then used to build both defensive and attacking elements so that you can defend your base while at the same time trying to destroy an opposition’s base. In Korix you do all of this from an elevated God-like view with the help of a Move controller, you can use the DS4 if you wish, which is fashioned into a fancy VR type gun/pointer with a screen on the back that displays your health, energy and other useful information.

The first level which acts as the tutorial teaches you the basics of workers, lasers and walls. Each item you build costs energy so the more workers you have the more energy you generate, but with an enemy to watch out for you need to balance this steady influx of revenue with offensive elements. To attack you build walls which help you gain territory (they also help to block the path of the enemy) and lasers to kill them. Once you are close to the enemy base you can order the lasers to fire at it by pressing X.

The controls in Korix are simple. Pressing the triangle brings up a unit menu, pressing square brings up the build menu, you place items with the T button and rotate around the battlefield by holding the Move button. To begin with you only have limited items in these menus but as you progress through the campaign you’ll unlock other build and unit items like aircrafts, pulsars and tanks. Many of these items can be upgraded and repaired if damaged if you have enough energy.

Korix has a campaign mode, which can be completed in about three to five hours depending on your skill level, a skirmish mode and online multiplayer modes for up to 4 players. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try the online side but there are multiple public and private (pin protected) co-op and vs. maps to play.

The game has twelve trophies to obtain, which are spread across both the single and multiplayer game modes. A few of these will pop naturally as you play the game such as the “First Blood” trophy that is unlocked by completing the first campaign level. However there are a number of online trophies that might need boosting, depending on the number of online players on your skill, like the “Korix Veteran” trophy for winning 20 online PVP matches.

VR sickness
As Korix is practically a stationary game, you can snap-turn or smooth rotate the map for a better look, there is no nausea or motion sickness.

With its engaging game-play and VR friendly graphics Korix will no doubt be the benchmark for future PlayStation VR RTS games and rightly so. It has managed to show me why I should embrace real-time strategy games and did it without the need for any Tiberium.

WeArePSVR Score – 8/10


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