Leave The Nest – Review

Flappy Bird has a lot to answer for! A few years ago Dong Nguyens’ devilishly addictive mobile app had millions of people around the world hooked to their mobile devices as they tried to make a little yellow bird flap as far as it could without crashing into a pipe. Doug eventually removed the infinite flapper game from all app stores but its legacy lives on via web-based clones and copycat apps. It even found its way onto consoles with the likes of the infuriating “Flappy Goat” trophy in Goat Simulator. Now Kaio Interactive have taken the infinite flapper formula and brought it to PlayStation VR under the title Leave The Nest.

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Leave The Nest is very much a homage to Flappy Bird, but set in virtual reality. Gone are those pesky pipes replaced instead with other obstacles that are just as deadly such as trees, buildings, falling apples, ghosts, beach umbrellas, hot lava, fireworks, fountains and more. You avoid these perils by ascending over or diving under them and switching between three lanes. To do this you have two options; the DS4 or the Move controllers. If you choose to use the DS4 you flap with X, dive with O and switch lanes with the left stick. If however you want to use the Move controllers you get to act like a bird and flap yourself silly. If I’m honest I did try the physical flapping method but found it too distracting so I quickly reverted back the DS4.

The main aim of the game, as with all infinite runners, is to travel as far as you can in one run. To keep everything fresh Leave The Nest splits the run into zones and also has challenges to complete. Each zone last less than a minute and has as different look and theme such as the beach, orchard and Christmas! The challenges vary from collecting coins and power-ups to making your way through a set amount of zones in one run. Completing the challenges isn’t necessary but if you do you’ll be rewarded with new birds and new zones.

Graphically Leave The Nest opts for the cartoon style look similar to that of Windlands but a little less polish. Even though you are confined to three lanes the game offers you a lot of freedom, you can still look around the full 360 degree which is helpful when you are trying to look out for the train to pop one of the trophies.

There are 37 trophies to hatch in Leave The Nest including a platinum. Thirteen of the trophies are obtained unlocking new birds, which is achieved by completing objectives, the rest pop for doing things such as flying with a train, visiting every zone, getting multipliers and collecting coins. I’ve played the game quite a bit and I can safely say that the Leave The Nest platinum will certainly be a rare one as some of the trophies are frustratingly difficult.

Leave The Nest is everything you’d expect from an infinite flapper. Sure the graphics aren’t that perfect and it sometimes suffers from over-active controls but it’s challenging and fair. With plenty of birds to unlock, a platinum trophy to pop and an online leaderboard to top the game definitely has that “just one more go” factor. (Since publishing this review Kaio Interactive have rolled out a patch that fixes the controller sensitivity.)

WeArePSVR Score – 7/10


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