World War Toons

World War Toons is a cartoon styled, multiplayer FPS designed for virtual reality. It’s developers, Roqovan, wanted to put the emphasis on fun in this game and judging from some of their trailers they have achieved it. Just take a look at this trailer from last year.

As you can see World War Toons is a wacky, wild take on FPS. It’s like Plants vs Zombies but you can ride rockets, launch tanks into the air, and drop pianos down from above!

– Complete immersion into a cartoon-inspired world via the PSVR.
– On-the-fly class switching.
– Crazy power-ups.
– Tank transformations.
– World War Toons has been built for PSVR from the ground up with each feature designed to optimise the experience.
– Cartoony style – it’s not just fun to play, it’s catered to work with the rules of PSVR for a smooth, comfortable, and doggone good time.

The game is so much fun that it couldn’t be contained to just the PSVR, there will also be a PS4 version available. Check out the trailer and screenshots below.







World War Toons is available from the 13th of October and is free-to-play. Boo-yah.

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