100ft Robot Golf – Review

Developers have always tried to put a different spin on golf games. From moustachioed plumbers whacking balls around themed courses to totally dangerous mini-golf destruction “bull in a china shop” style, we’ve seen it all. The latest developer to take a swing at golf is the Seattle based devs No Goblin, but will they Ace the hole or Lip-out? Well they’re teeing up with a fantastic title – 100ft Robot Golf.

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As the name suggests 100ft Robot Golf is a golf game that features towering 100ft robots playing, you guessed it, charades. Golf, I meant golf! What the title doesn’t explain is that these robots are controlled by a host of different characters ranging from heads in jars to dogs; yeah that’s right, dogs – five corgis, to be specific! This madcap approach to golfing doesn’t end here – it carries on through right up to the nineteenth hole with sarcastic commentary, courses that can be totally destroyed, a loose intertwining storyline complete with retro cartoon animations, a ‘Tell us a joke’ button and even an all singing, all dancing credit sequence.

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We all know how golf works: hit the ball until it goes into a hole, and 100ft Robot Golf doesn’t deviate from this. It does however simplify it as well as inject some much needed fun. Doing away with the numerous clubs the game opts for just three: Driver, Wedge and Putter, which ensures the game is fast-paced and easy enough for everyone to play. The game offers a whole host of different game modes. The single player campaign will have you playing golf on the moon and under water as well as in some cities with sprawling buildings that can be laid to waste by your robot so that you have a clear shot to the hole. The multiplayer sees you battling with friends, either locally or online, in some fully customisable two to four player split-screen action.

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Graphically 100ft Robot Golf opts for a cartoon-styled look that is sharp, detailed and colourful. The cartoon cutscenes are a throwback to cheesy mid 80s Saturday morning kids TV shows like Voltron. If you are lucky enough to have the PSVR you can experience the game in VR mode. This mode puts you in the game and on top of the robots. I can say that there is no motion sickness or ill feelings when playing the game and when you look at the robots in the virtual reality environment you will definitely get that sense of just how big these robots are: huge; 101ft at least!

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There are fifteen trophies to be had in this Gentleman’s game, which are spread across the single campaign, the speedrun mode, the Remote Control challenge and the customisation. Most of the trophies are fairly easy to pop but you might need to take a mulligan on the speedrun and challenge trophies.

100ft Robot Golf is an enjoyable game and definitely worthy of your hard-earned cash. The single player campaign is meaty enough to last the course, the multiplayer mode is heaps of chaotic fun, and the in-game commentary from the McElroy Brothers is madder than a box of frogs. If you’re after one golf game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is a genuine laugh then it has to be 100ft Robot Golf. Go buy it, good dog.

WeArePSVR Score – 8/10


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