Ace Banana – Review

There are two types of shooters: the realistic Battlefield types and the cartoonish Plants vs Zombies type. Ace Banana is one of the latter. Developed by Time of Virtual Reality and published by Oasis Games, Ace Banana is a first person shooter in which players assume the role of a banana archer. It is your duty to protect your banana stash from a host of marauding monkeys.

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I bet you have a question, don’t you? You want to know what a banana archer is. Well it’s an archer who is a banana. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the mirror when you get in the hut at the start of the game. Any more questions? No. Good, let’s carry on. You’ll need to grab your Move controllers in Ace Banana as two are needed to represent the bow and arrows that you’ll be using in this brightly coloured, cartoon-styled 3D virtual world.


The game consists of waves of monkeys (and the occasional boss battle) trying to make their way towards you and your stash of bananas. If they get close to your bananas, those pesky primates will make off with them. Once your stash is empty the game is over. To stop them you must fire arrows at them and then they’ll die. The number of hits they can take depends on the type of monkey they are. For example the clown-masked monkeys take two hits before they perish. As you proceed through the waves, the monkeys will attack you from different levels so you have to move to different tiers in the stage. To move around the different tiers you need to hold the Move button on the controller you are using for the arrows and then point it towards the teleport spot and release it to move.


There are lots of weird and wonderful power-ups, like panda bombs and hedgehog arrows, to help you defeat the monkeys in Ace Banana. These appear randomly while killing the monkeys and using them is easy. You simply shoot them to collect them, and once you have them in your arsenal they are used first until they run out, and then it’s back to the default bow. Be careful though as some of the power-ups aren’t as useful as others so learning what each of them does is a must.


The controls are pretty simple; you look around with the headset, and aim, draw and fire the arrows with the Move controllers. You have to grab the bow string by holding the T trigger on controller two and fire the arrows by releasing the trigger. Initially I had issues with the controls and the arrows kept looping as I had the trajectory all wrong, but then it just clicked for me. The key is to treat the Move controllers like an actual bow and arrow, and hold the bow right out in front of you. Use the other controller to draw the arrow back and lift or lower it to ensure that your trajectory line is straight. If you try playing Ace Banana with the Move controllers in front of you like a DS4 you won’t get very far. *If the controllers don’t appear correctly in the VR world hold down the start buttons to sort them out.


Ace Banana is a quirky, colourful and over-the-top shooter that is fun to play on the PSVR. If, like me, you prefer your shooters to be more like Plants vs Zombies than Call of Duty then this game is definitely one to go bananas for. There’s even a little mini game where you grow your own banana archers, and how many games can say that.

WeArePSVR Score – 8/10


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