Darknet – Coming soon to PSVR

Archiact and E McNeill have joined forces to bring Darknet, a 80’s cyberpunk inspired strategy/puzzle game, to PlayStation VR. You assume the role of an elite hacker contracted to retrieve data from the world’s most secure networks. Dive into the Net, install viruses, inject code, and hack your way through cybersecurity in an experience inspired by the classic cyberpunk vision of the future. Your VR headset becomes your virtual window to a hidden digital world. Conquer the underground webspace by diving directly into nodes for an up-close-and-personal hacking experience. Using various tools of digital mayhem, it’s a race against the clock to infiltrate the network before time runs out…or your signal is traced.

The game highlights include
Strategic Gameplay. An intelligent puzzle/strategy game with deep gameplay, presented in an immersive first-person perspective.
Race Against the Clock. Each network level must be hacked before the timer hits zero. Challenge yourself and your friends to beat your best time.
Endless Challenges. Procedural level generation means that no two networks are alike. Test your skills against increasingly difficult challenges, or try to beat your best times in networks you’ve already conquered.
Intuitively Reward Progression. Winning requires careful planning and smart execution. The observant hacker will uncover hidden details that elevate their gameplay to the next level.
A Tight-Knit Community. Connect with other players across social media platfroms, including a dedicated subreddit. Exchange tips, chat with fellow hackers, and even chat with the developer!

Check out the trailer and screenshots below.

Darknet is expected to be available on 7th of March.

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