Leave The Nest flaps its way onto PSVR next week

Leave the Nest from Kaio Interactive is the first infinite flapper game in Virtual Reality. Originally built for the HTC Vive, it is now bigger, better and making its way to PlayStation VR on March 14th. In Leave the Nest players assume the role of one of over twenty birds who leaves the nest and ventures into the world.

Fly as far as you can and explore distant lands, from tranquil forests to snow capped mountains. Swoop between volcanoes spewing hot lava in the mountain zone or risk getting splashed in the fountain zone. Gatecrash celebrations in Chinatown with fireworks being sent into the skies all around you, or swerve through windows in the London inspired classic city.

Players can control the birds in a variety of ways but if you have a Move controller in each hand you can flap your arms and unleash your inner bird. So if you’ve ever had a dream of flying, wanted to feel the wind in your hair, wanted to soar and dive among trees of the forest, race trains and cruise perilously close to dangerous volcanoes, then Leave the Nest could be the game for you.

Over 25 complete zone types for you to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge your way through.
More than 16 different birds (and a bat)
Compete against the world or your personal best scores.
Soar high above the clouds for double score bonuses.
Collect coins and power-ups.
Earn extra points by diving through open windows, and using the birds’ special skills
Steam trains that come and go to help set your pace and win achievements.

Check out the trailer and screenshots below.

Leave the Nest will be available from March 14th.

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