Lethal VR – Review

Listen up recruits! Lethal VR from Three Fields Entertainment and Team17 is a virtual reality weapons training experience for the PlayStation VR. Your accuracy, speed and ability to perform under pressure will be assessed as you get to grips with a variety of different weapons from pistols and throwing knives to steel rimmed bowler hats.

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Set over more than thirty simulations Lethal VR welcomes you into its exam room with a bang, literally as it has you shooting your initials to begin. From there you are given a simple mission briefing and some details about your weapon. The missions are all pretty similar and require you to shoot targets as accurately and quickly as possible. There’s a few variants on this as you progress; such as missions where you have to avoid shooting civilians or shoot targets with the correct weapon. As for the weapons you get to try out pistols, SMG’s and a handful of iconic 70’s and 80’s movies guns like Harry Callahan’s Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum revolver, Scaramanga’s golden gun and Robocop’s Auto 9. To mix it up a bit there’s a few throwing weapons too such as the Dundee “That’s not a knife, this is a knife” knife too.

To make your way through the simulations you’ll need to hit a target score which will unlock the next mission. These scores are quite low so even if you’re not a trigger happy gunslinger you should be able to progress with ease. You are rated on each mission and if you want to be the best then “Lethal” is the rating you are aiming for. To get this rating you’ll need to be fast (the quicker you are the more points you’ll get) and accurate (headshots, bullseyes and multiple hits bag you extra points). These ratings are shown on a local leaderboard so you can compete against you’re friends and family to see if Granny Maude really is a secret deadeye!

If you’ve played Pixel Gear or Until Dawn: Rush of Blood you will already be familiar with the controls in Lethal VR. To shoot you aim your Move controllers and press the trigger button and you reload by pressing the move button. To throw the projectile weapons you hold the trigger button to prepare, flick your wrist and release to throw. nb. Lethal VR does have tracking issues when using the throwing weapons but this doesn’t detract from the overall experience.

The trophies in Lethal VR are easy enough to pop so you don’t need to be Deadshot if you want to obtain 100% completion. You will however need to be accurate for a few of the missions as there’s trophies for getting the Lethal rating ten time as well as plugging a few targets with headshots and bullseyes.

Lethal VR is a decent virtual reality shooting gallery game. Even though it is a little on the short side its crisp graphics and ease of play make it an enjoyable experience. The local leaderboards offer a limited replay appeal but it’s not a title you’ll be playing for months. However if you want to test yourself with a variety of movie related weapons then what are you waiting for; grab your Move controllers and put on the headset because it’s exam day.

WeArePSVR score – 7/10


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