What’s in store? This weeks new PSVR releases.

There’s another diverse range of PlayStation VR titles available this week. We’ve put them together in one place just for you.

First up there’s Proton Pulse, from ZeroTransform. It’s a classic action brick breaking game that has been set in a virtual reality environment. The game has over 50 levels, dynamic power-ups and epic cinematic boss events.

If you fancy something a little calmer why not give Gary the Gull, from Limitless Ltd, a try. This interactive movie will have you nodding your head and chatting away with a virtual seagull called Gary.

After talking to the animals you might have some energy to burn off so look no further then Holoball, from TreeFortress. HoloBall plunges you into an action-sports arena inspired by one of the most iconic games of all time. Grab your Move controllers and compete for glory in a retro-fueled future ruled by rogue AI. Note – The EU release of HoloBall is now delayed until the 29th of November.

Continuing with the energetic theme VirZOOM: Arcade is also out this week. This is a collection of virtual reality arcade mini-games that are uniquely controlled by the VirZOOM exercise bike.

Let us know on Twitter if you will you be adding any of these to your PSVR collection?

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