O! My Genesis VR – Review

In O! My Genesis VR, the real time strategy god game from XPEC Entertainment, you use the PlayStation VR and two Move controllers to become the Lord of Everything. From your elevated godlike perspective you will oversee the well being of some cute, little bug-eyed creatures and as the creator of the universe you’ll soon discover that with incredible immersive power comes great responsibility.

The game is very lighthearted and jovial in its approach and starts with a tutorial planet. It is here where Phoebe, the fairy of the galaxy, helps you get to grips with your powers. She also teaches you the basics of the game and explains how progression it tethered to performing tasks and earning stars. Like most god games you have to help your followers gather resources such as wood and stone, build structures and protect them from harm. You do this by using the Move controllers, which are represented in this virtual world by two rather hi-tech looking gloves. With these gloves you can grab and rotate the planet, pick up and move your followers and, once a totem appears, unleash some divine powers like winds and rain.

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Once you have your divine powers you get to spruce up the planet that you are managing. A few sprinkles of rain will turn the barren land into a luscious green forest, perfect for any follower that is looking for wood. When the creatures get their hands on wood they start to build huts, then fall in love and get jiggy in huts, which increases the population. Not all stays tranquil on your planet for long though, there are number of perils such as poisonous plants, meteors and dinosaurs, that want to cull the population!

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Each of these dangers are dealt with differently. When the plants appears your subjects will start building you an almighty artefact that looks suspiciously like a giant torch. When it is built you can wield it and burn the plants, this in turn teaches your followers how to defend themselves and they’ll soon start attacking the plants with their own torches. When it comes to the dinosaurs you can pick up a subject and use it like a carrot on a rope which will allow you to tame the giant beast. As for the meteor you send Bruce Willis to plant bombs on it to prevent a global catastrophe! Just kidding you use your virtual hands to catch them.

O! My Genesis VR_20161114203130

O! My Genesis VR looks good and has some nice ideas but it’s an odd little entity because of how short it is but it is priced with that in mind. At the moment there are only two planets to play, which you can get through in less than twenty minutes. There is some longevity and limited replay value in the title though because to get all the trophies you will need to play more than a few games. Also you can unlock an extra mode, Apocalypse mode, if you achieve all the objectives on the planets.

WeArePSVR Score – 6/10


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