Quick recap of the PS E3 PSVR announcements

A few hours ago PlayStation revealed a number of PlayStation VR titles at E3, here’s a round-up of a few them.

Moss – Scheduled for Holidays 2017 release

A mysterious stone awakens ancient magic. A distant evil extends its reach. Quill, a young mouse with dreams of greatness, is called on an epic journey. Together, you’ll travel to forgotten realms, solve challenging puzzles, and battle menacing enemies. Only with your unique abilities will she prevail—immerse yourself in the world of Moss to help write the story of a hero in the making.

The Inpatient – Release date TBC

Supermassive Games are taking us back to Blackwood Sanatorium with a standalone story set 60 years before the events of Until Dawn. Placing you in the role of a patient with amnesia this VR horror game aims to create a sense of isolation and fear as players battle with psychological elements.

No Heroes Allowed – Release date TBC

Overlord Badman and his daughter Badmella are making the jump VR and it looks as though the pixelated puzzler is bringing all its quirky charm with it.

Bravo Team – Release date TBC

Supermassive Games are taking the PSVR behind enemy lines and using either the PSVR aim controller, PS Move motion controllers or DS4 wireless controller you’ll be able to take cover, talk tactics and shoot your way to safety.

Sparc – Release date TBC

Sparc from CCP Games is a skill-based, fast-paced, and physical sport only possible in virtual reality. In Sparc, players utilize their PS Move motion controllers to aim and throw projectiles at each other inside a sleek virtual arena, while defending themselves by dodging, blocking, or deflecting incoming attacks from a live opponent.

Skyrim VR – (Novemeber) Release date TBC

Skyrim VR puts you in the role of the Dragonborn – the prophesied hero who can harness the power of dragons. From battling ancient dragons to exploring rugged mountains and more, Skyrim VR brings to life a complete open world for you to explore any way you choose.

Star Child – Release date TBC

Star Child looks like one to watch as not a lot is known about it right now. We do know it’s an immersive new sci-fi platform adventure developed by Playful Corp.


The critically acclaimed first person shooter SUPERHOT was also announced and it looks set for imminent release. You can read more about it here.

Which games are you looking forward to the most, which are definite must-buys or which will you be avoiding? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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