Starship Disco – Review

Hit me with your rhythm ship.

Starship Disco is a music-driven virtual reality rhythm shooter from Solus Games. Since I’ve just mentioned the words “rhythm” and “shooter” I think its safe to assume that most of you will already know how to play the game but I’ll briefly explain anyways! In Starship Disco you must shoot a number of starships in time to the beat. Each shot you fire gives you a rating from “Miss” to “Perfect”. The aim is to get as many perfect hits as possible, which will keep a combo going and increase your score. However if you miss you’ll break your combo and if you miss a set number of times you’ll fail the level.

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There are two ways to aim and shoot in Starship Disco either with your head and the DS4, or with Move controllers. If you are using your head your movements are tracked and the onscreen pointer moves accordingly, like in Windlands and Tethered. If you opt to use the controllers you’ll have your own virtual spaceships in front of you and aiming with them is similar to that of Pixel Gear. If you choose to spice it up and add another Move controller into the mix you’ll get two different colour VR ships and must use them to shoot enemies that match their colour. This option adds an increased level of difficulty and it’s something that I found very challenging so I stuck to a single controller. The game as has five difficulty settings. These don’t alter the speed or frequency of the incoming targets but instead change the number of misses you are allowed to make.

Starship Disco comes with seven disco themed songs, which unlocked once you complete the previous track. I have to admit seven tracks doesn’t sound like good value for money but Solus Games has a trick up their sleeves; they let you use your own tunes. It’s so easy too! Just drop your favourite tracks into a “MUSIC” folder on a USB stick, plug it into the PS4 and import. In no time at all you’ll be blasting aliens to the beats of Status Quo’s Greatest Hits or whatever you want.

Starship Disco has nine trophies to pop and you’ll get them by stringing five Perfect hits in a row, completing all the tracks, The most time consuming trophies are the ones for getting a thousand Great and Perfect hits but probably get lost in music so won’t feel like a grind.

Starship Disco is a well-made rhythm shooter with some decent stock tunes. While it’s not as polished as Rez Infinite the 3D graphics look detailed and well presented. The variety of control methods and difficulty setting caters for casual and hardcore gamers alike. By letting you import your own music it opens up endless replay-ability, I mean, what other VR game gives you the chance to shoot aliens to Clean Bandits’ “Rockabye”. Overall Starship Disco is fun to play and an enjoyable PlayStation VR title that is worth adding to your collection.

WeArePSVR score – 7/10


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